Thursday, 8 March 2012

Money Money Money

Must be funny, in a rich man's world!

This post was/ is supposed to be about money but since I wrote the above as my post title it reminds me of what I told my sister the other week. I told Bethany that the night before I get married my bridesmaids and I (+ my mum) are going to sit around the TV and watch Mamma Mia and Grease (or something else of a musical nature) or probably The Rocky Horror Show. We'll have lots of fun and giggles. Bethany told me that we could do that as well as the other thing she has planned; so now I'm sat here wondering what on earth it is they have planned for the night before my wedding; clearly not a quiet night in!

Anyway, money. Because let's face it... that's what it boils down to when you think about it. I like that we've had to stick to a budget it's made me more creative with my ideas and I've had to look where no man as ever looked before for things online to buy. It's progress.

This month I've spent very little on the wedding. I paid the deposit for the photographer, I gave my mum some money for the main wedding party flowers and I paid £70 extra for invitations stuff and it almost feels like I haven't really spent anything, I don't know why. Maybe because none of it is really physical yet, I can't see it so therefore I haven't spent it when in reality I have. Especially when it comes to the 19th March and we go to buy the wedding flowers! I am SO excited. But I digress. IF you added up how much I spent on the wedding this month it would come to (inc. money given to mum for various things) it would equal £450, this means I've had over half my wage for myself but, alas a lot of it has had to go on other things needed here and there and this weekend I'm going to treat myself for the very first time with my wage. I'm going to go buy a pair of shoes and something 'dressy' to 'impress(y)' for my Bridal Shower... although who I am supposed to be impressing I have no idea... myself?

Talking of Bridal Showers... namingly mine, this weekend, I've just remembered, I get to try on my wedding dress again for the first time with my veil. It'll be the second time I've had it on since I got it. I just hope it fits! It did last time so hopefully fingers crossed it will this time. I reckon peeps is gonna cry! (ie. my sisters and mum - nobody else sees it sorry). Only a select few have actually seen it itself! Some I would have liked to have seen it more than others but there you go. Everything is going according to plan.

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  1. as well as put out tables and chairs and decorate the chapel and put out flowers - might be done by midnight :)