Monday, 5 March 2012


Today I haven't really focused too much on the wedding because I've been travelling for pretty much 12 hours; if you include the hour and half chill out time I had at Adams... Which reminds me...

..We were at Adam's friend's house the other night and just as we were leaving Rosie ran upstairs saying she had something for me so I was of course intruiged.

She came back downstairs and produced a very sweetly decorated box. Rosie went on to explain that this box is a keep sake box that some lovely person had bought her for her wedding but her mother had already bought her one so Rosie thought I could put it to good use which of course, I definitely can.

I'm torn between a couple of ideas for the "keep-saking" of wedding things. I want to either make a scrapbook, just a small one, full of all the pictures I've collected online and things I've taken from shops for ideas or brochures that I've been given at wedding fayres - that way I'll still be able to keep it all so it won't get lost, broken, ripped or forgotten in the deep abyss of interwebs.

Or, I'm going to use the box and put all the heavier things in there and keep it mainly for things from "The Day" like favours and flowers (we have decided on fake ones so they will keep) and other little trinkets that could get lost.

I've got my something borrowed sorted now but I will talk about that another day.

67 days everyone! AND its only 5 days until the day of my Bridal Shower!

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