Friday, 9 March 2012

Wedding Programs

Or programmes...

Since getting engaged I've been just 'slightly' obsessed with wedding programs! It's so bad. I don't watch them all the time because I don't have a tv but they are just so cute. You can tell when the bride has picked the right dress because she comes out of the dressing room with the biggest smile on her face and she is just beaming with happiness.

Here's a list of the one's I've been watching:

Four Weddings (US Version)

Not sure if there is a British version because I've only ever seen the American one advertised. This program works a bit like 'Come Dine With Me'. They all go to each others weddings and rate them on specific things then the couple at the end with the highest ratings get the honeymoon of their dreams! This one episode that I watched was sooo pretty. The woman had organised her wedding on a serious budget; she had even made her own centre pieces - which were absolutely beautiful anyway. Then there was another woman whose wedding I didn't really like at all but it was just so glamourous and really not me...

...but in the end, they both got exactly the same amount of points and both got the perfect Honeymoon which I was really glad about.


Only a US version as far I can see. This show is just hilarious. It makes me seem normal in comparison which really I love. The brides are awful and I really don't think they can see themselves and how they act because if they did, they certainly would be in shock. I presume it's just the whole stress of the day that really gets on top of people and makes them really kind of like waaaaay OTT. But, as I said the other day it can happen to men too. There should be a show called Groomzillas.

Say Yes to the Dress

This is another US program. I am sure there are UK versions of things (See next program listing) but for now all I can find are these; but they'll do anyway. In this program the bride/ special woman goes to a place called Seinfelds in America where this one store can hold at least 2000 dresses at any one time (CRAZY-NESS) and they try on different dresses which they like, love, have a dilemma about, then buy. Some of the dresses are so gorgeous. There was this one dress on an episode that looked SO much like mine but without the extra details that mine does... I loved it on there too!

Don't Tell the Bride (UK Version)

I love love love this program. Especially when they get it right. It's kinda sad when they get it wrong but still the effort the men must go to, to really try and find what the bride wants... even if sometimes it is completely wrong. The groom basically gets £12,000 to spend on a wedding which he is having 3-4 weeks later. He cannot tell the bride A THING. NO THING. He has to plan it all himself. My favourite episode, I can't remember the couples names but, was where they had a Las Vagas reception which she didn't want at all, but they'd always dreamed of going to Las Vagas so I can see where his ideas came from for that. And, as he was getting ready he was saying that everything was going well and two minutes later gets an extremely irritated call from the Bride's father because the Groom still had the Bridesmaid dresses at his house... an hour before they were supposed to be getting married... It's still cute though because he turns into a sweet blubbering baby when he sees her.


Tomorrow.... BRIDAL SHOWER!!

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