Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fighting the Pounds Monster!

I know what it is like, believe me.

We all want to lose that extra pound or two that seems to be making the mirror distort your image, making you believe that you must lose weight to fit into your wedding dress. Some women even go as far as to buy a dress a SIZE TOO SMALL but that isn't good for your body and causes un-needed stress... It is easier to take in a dress than it is to add material too it.

It doesn't help that when you go for your wedding dress the whole industry has built into the belief that you must lose a few lbs before your wedding, they even size the store's wedding dresses two sizes bigger than you actually really are, so if you go in for a 12 be prepared to ask for a 16.

So, what I want to say is yes, of course it is okay to lose a couple of lbs for your wedding, why not? And hey, it might be a good incentive to really fight off some of that loose weight but do it sensibly! Please?

There was one woman in a story I read somewhere that went from 30st to 18st because her boyfriend had asked her to marry him, she told him she wasn't going to get married until she could look good in a dress and good on her I say. But she had 3 years to get rid of the weight (plausible and healthy) and some women have a lot less than that, we must remember that in this time of stressful torture, food is not the enemy!

We need food to live, and to function. Yes you might look good in your wedding dress but I'm sure you'll feel tired and headachy too! So, just a few simple tips that seem to be working for me right now are:

Eat slowerrrrr
Your food isn't going to disappear off your plate if you eat it slowly (unless you have a human rubbish bin for a fiancee - not saying I do)
Eat healthier
Get rid of the chocolates and doughnuts - bring in the strawberries and the melons!
Eat less
Smaller portions actually fill you up more because you're subconciously eating slower (I don't know why it's just something I've come to realise)
Eat in moderation
Have a chocolate bar, but only one. No, not those cookies aswell, or the doughnuts screaming at you on the shelf.
Walk/Run/Jog/Tone - do it all, but not too much don't push your body to limits it cannot handle.

Might sound like a lot but its really common sense. It's just a matter of using the mind to really focus on what it is you want.

Ciao for now


  1. Sounds like good advice too and well you could always becom a glass blower and sweat the pounds off :p okay kidding lets be plausible here :p and im getting into the habit of eating healthy i just eat loads of it :S

  2. It's not that eating slower/eating smaller portions fills you up more, it's just that it takes 20 minutes for the signal from your stomach, telling you that you are full, to reach your brain. When you're eating slower you're giving your stomach times to recognise you as full and giving your brain time to get the signal. So therefore you eat less :)

  3. Yep exactly Bethany! Thats the one thing I forgot to mention in the post, but how do you explain that smaller portions makes you eat slower therefore in turn making you full quicker? :P xxx

  4. Haha, I ordered a dress that could be taken in if I needed it and now I'm concerned that I have gained weight beyond the dress size since I ordered it.

  5. WOW Does it really take 20 minutes? That's crazy.

  6. Ah, I'm sure you'll be fine Blog Space. I was SO worried that I wasn't going to fit into my dress yesterday (I tried it on for my sisters with my veil) but it went up better than it has before. If you're really worried about it possibly go see your dress fitter as soon as pos and see what they can do for you.Does what take me 20 minutes? :) x

  7. Tammy! Didn't realise it was you! When are you getting married? I think my mum said it was this year! :D xx EXCITING!