Thursday, 15 March 2012


With only 57 days left until the big day how am I feeling about getting married?


How can that be translated into plain english?


What still needs to get done?

Choosing a cake
Choosing the flowers
Buying all the Reception props - material, table cloths, organza runners, plates, napkins, glass hire, cutlery, glass white crystals, LED's, Flowers
Extra mini stuff - guest book, end of pew decorations (nothing fancy I assure you), organzaz sweets bags, thank you cards, order of service cards,
Rest of photographer fees
Sweets table fees

Not much then?

No, no, not really.

And what is the budget for all of the above?

Roughly, £1,200 to £1,500 we can do it. Just about.

Have the bridesmaid dresses come yet?

Well, they're not due until the 21st April but fingers crossed they come before hand

What if it rains on the day?

I've booked sunshine.

Yes, but what if it does rain?

It won't.

How would you say the whole wedding planning experience has been so far?

Stressful. But fun and eye-opening.

How many people are giving speeches at the wedding reception?

Too many. Haha. The bestman, my dad, my groom, my best friend that I've known since I was 7 and my two younger sisters are saying a couple of words. But I'll explain about all that tomorrow.
Yes, my brain talks too itself quite often but nothing ever nasty. Sometimes I wind myself up about stuff to do with the wedding because I don't know if it will all get planned in time and some times I am so calm it's strange to think of me ever getting married at all... not to mention the fact that it is in 57 days.... Wait...

...That's less than two months?!


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