Monday, 12 March 2012

Petals Vs Paper

No, it's not another version of rock, paper, scissors but it is an idea I had brought to me yesterday by my friend the florist, Sarah.

By this time next week Mum and I will have been with Sarah to Country House to by all the Wedding Party flowers (petals not paper). We are buying:

Bride's bouquet
Bridesmaid's bouquet's
Buttonholes x 9

We definintely decided on silk flowers for all of those, I just don't know which flowers they will be yet. I do know that the cost will roughly be £100... with that in mind I've been having second thoughts about having flowers on every table at the wedding reception because each 'bouquet' of flowers will cost roughly £15-£20 each, and we are having 20 tables, when you do the math it doesn't look pretty for my budget. So, we have two options, we either:

Do Petals on 10 tables


We do paper on all tables

Now, I'm not against paper and thinking about it I'm sure it'd go really well with the 'picnic' feel to the reception, it's just not something I've ever thought of before or actually looked into at all. So, I'm torn at the minute between doing petals or paper. Would paper ruin the whole Spring feel to the wedding or would having less petals lose the whole Spring reincarnation feel? I'm not sure of what I want. I think the paper looks extremely clever but it looks like a heck of a lot of work, and with ONLY 2 MONTHS TO GO!! TODAY! I don't know if we'd have enough time.

I have until the end of March to decide anyway. Paper will be cheaper (I think). AHH decisions, decisions

Tomorrow... Dates for the Diary/ Sneak Peek at the Invitations!


  1. For my wedding, we went to Wilkinsons and bought fake flowers for the tables, and the flower display only cost a couple of pounds for each table. :) xxx

  2. Really??! That's crazy! We have bottles for the center pieces now so we are still using them. I may have to keep my eye out at Wilkinsons for some nice flowers then! You wouldn't believe the cost people put things up to just because you add the word 'wedding' at the beginning of it.