Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ticking Boxes

Not like literal ticking boxes like clocks but as in those little marks that make everything seem better again. Today marks 4 months exactly to the day that Adam and I will be getting married and since it's pretty much half way through the month I thought I'd recap on what we have done/gotten organised so far...

This was the checklist on the 3rd

Wedding Licence
Bridesmaid dresses

Invitations are bookmarked on my web browser and are ready to be bought. We've finished the design of the invitations and I am thankful to say that all the little bits and pieces will fit on to 1 A3 piece of paper and luckily Emily's university prints A3 sized sheets of paper; with a little bit of luck we will get them printed, made and posted by mid Febuary - keep an eye on your post boxes (we'll be chasing up people we don't have addresses for so no worries if you don't get one exactly in the middle of the month). They're going to look something like this:

But they're not going to look exactly the same so don't worry all surprise is not lost. I just love the little details. I haven't even thought about programs yet or place cards... or even a seating plan (but there is going to be one).

I got these designs from some lovely person who posted their design for their wedding on and that website is amazing. There are so many fun ideas on this website you can really let your imagination go, I love it. The other website my friend told me about is I had some problems joining up at first because I was trying to join up on my phone and the internet was being dodgey so it wouldn't allow me to say I didn't live in America and I don't have a zip code for America, but when I got home it signed up fine.

Tables will look exactly like this:

Now only if I could find a website that supplied the table cloths and lemon organza cloths I would be fine, on the plus side I can always buy my own organza and cut it to size. I have a couple of invoices from a few websites so I am just waiting on money really. (yay)

Wedding licence is booked for me, just waiting for Adam to book his and then we are set (I am only skirting over this information because I remember distinctly talking about it before and there is something else I want to deal with in Jan/Feb).

Bridesmaid dresses again are sorted. At the beginning of February I am buying dresses for as many people as I have had money from for dresses. I am getting a little worried that they won't arrive in time for us to do any changes to them but hopefully all will be well and we won't need to!

Not this colour but rather Moss & Claret
So, the other thing to add to the checklist of January/February is Suits! We decided on suits and how many people needed suits and the cost of suits so Adam, his brother (best man) and their mum are going to try on suits on Friday - Oh which is tomorrow. I think it'll actually really hit Adam that he is getting married once he starts trying on suits and sizes that fit him because right now it doesn't seem completely real for one reason or another; possibly because he hasn't been at the forefront of looking at the designs for everything or the decision making - it's really been me that has done all that; so when he tries a suit on or two I think it'll hit him. But I don't mind because it's not a bad thing :)

Major thank you's again to those people who are lending me things from their wedding I really appreciate it and I will try and return the favour somehow.

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