Monday, 23 January 2012

Sweets, my sweet?

A while ago I started looking at favours for the wedding. I didn't really like the idea of sugar coated almonds, mainly because if people have allergies to nuts then they'd miss out and that's no fun is it? Oh and also because sugar coated almonds are the norm and sorry to say people, but to me, quite frankly a bit boring.

So, instead of just suger coated almonds we decided to have favour bags. I'll briefly mention what will be in them because I have mentioned it before in my blog full with pictures so I don't want to go through all that again. If you haven't read it then it'll be a surprise, if you have read it but just can't remember then it'll be just as much of a surprise to you aswell then.

In the favour bags we will have a thank you note from Adam and I, a photo of  us with the date of our wedding on it, some bubbles (I know corny right? But, I like bubbles... I don't like sugar coated almonds), a jigsaw piece which is like a mini guest book, you have to return this piece to us there will be a box, and an organza bag that says on it, "Please Fill me up at the sweets table". You can then choose to take this bag to the Sweets Table where there will be an array of sweets in jars and bottles and tins and whatever else we can find to put sweets in or you can leave it at your table and one of the lovely ushers will come round and give you a list of the sweets at the table so they can go get them for you, if you are less abled. That way you can let us know if you are allergic to anything and we can make sure it doesn't go in your bag! I don't know about you but I think that's much more fun that just sugar coated almonds....

The other thing about the sweets table is that it shall be presented with a slight twist. At first I wanted to have sweets associated with hearts on the table which kind of makes sense but I could only really think of a few:

Gummy hearts
I Love You hearts (ones with the messages on them)
Chocolate Hearts
Almond Hearts (here come those almonds again....)

But Chief Bridesmaid number 1.2 (Bethany) said "Wouldn't it be a great idea if the sweets table had all the
top tables favourite sweets on it, that could be the theme?" I agreed. It'd obviously spoil the surprise if I told you what they were but I assure you pictures shall be taken... of everything. So you'll see them from the day.

Oh just one more thing for today. It's my birthday! Woohoo!! I am 23. I never thought that I'd be 23, I never thought this time last year that I'd be married this year but ah well, that's why life is so wonderful. You never know what is going to happen.

Tomorrow, I'll let you in on the mini-theme for the wedding... Come back and find out what it is!

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