Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wedding Packages & Picking up Hiccups 2.0

Today has been a bit of a roller-coaster day with regards to wedding planning... whoever said this was going to be easy (erm noone) then they were completely wrong! Have you even realised how many millions of things can possibly go wrong? Lots. So any organised friend of mine out there who can just take over the wedding reception planning I would gladly appreciate it (when in actual fact I just want to stick with it myself and go slowly insane).

So, I suppose I should really retrace my steps and start from the beginning and tell you why my mind is whizzing around at 100mph and why I probably won't sleep so much tonight (well, I probably will because I am not feeling too well at the minute).

Wedding Packages 2.0

MY INVITATION WALLETS CAME!! WOO!! They are sooo preddi, and I am definitely glad I chose the colour that I did. The website is brilliant, I mean you all know when I ordered them and look how long it took for them to come... two days? A-maz-ing. They came flat packed as I thought the cards might and they were in bubble wrap; thank goodness for nice neighbours who pick up your packages for you when you're out! I checked to make sure I had 70 and then folded them all. There was a nice big pile on my sofa. Things are finally coming together so people should have their invites, oh I don't know... sometime next June? After the wedding? I took some pretty pictures for you too. Mum said that if I put pictures on here then everyone would see what they look like before they even got them, but, all you can see is folded card. I'm not going to show you the finished product. So no need to worry.

 Pick-up the Hiccups 2.0

I spoke to the Bishop's wife of the chapel we are using, they told me at a recent wedding they seated 100 people, with a squeeze. We have invited 150. So that means some people are standing or not coming. We were talking about the option of using a different chapel but the invitations are pretty much printed now and a different chapel would be a little harder to get to than the one at Bradford, where a bus stops right outside it, for any non-car travelling invitees. We could probably push 148 people in at a push and find the two extra seats somewhere else but that would mean the top table having to be on the stand and noone can see or talk to me up there; which would suck, but you got to do what you got to do I suppose. This also means food in the extra rooms at the side which would kinda be better but also means more mess for people to clean up.

So, we're in talks at the moment as to whether we can fit the extra 50 in, or whether we will have to scrap a few people coming which we really don't want to do. The invites are nearly ready to be printed. I wanted them done before this weekend but ah well, can't have everything I suppose.

We have decided on long tables because they fit more people on them but I guess Bradford chapel cultral hall isn't as big as my brain remembers it to be. I suppose I did go there when I was like 10 or something. Your perspective changes when you get older.

Pick up the hiccups and carry on!


  1. Like I said, don't worry, we can get everyone in! Did you know that Mum's managed to get 10 people around the kitchen table? If we can do that then we can do this. You just need to book the chapel for an afternoon sometime... perhaps over the easter hols? ;) lol xxx

  2. sounds like a plan batman :) maybe invite Sister Hillary along too.