Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wibble Wobble Shake & Rattle

For some reason I have this song in my head...

I think it is partically because I have been eating jelly, but I've decided we should have small pots of jelly at the Reception. They're not that expensive and they are cute; plus great for little kids and those people who can't chew anything very well. We most probably won't have the sausages sizzling in a pan but we will be having the sweeties shaking and rattling in a jar.

I didn't even realise this song had more than wibble wobble jelly on a plate as a verse but there you go! I am a bit of a lime jelly person myself I like the tangy-ness of it and I've already decided we're going to have lemon meringue at the Reception - even if I am the only one eating it.

For now we have the traditional ideas for food, but deserts are my favourite bit. Some people would say "Well that's kind of obvious" but it's not for the sweet tooth that I seem to have but it is because savoury food just looks so... bland, so.... boring. Whereas, with sweet food you can spruce it up a bit; make it look pretty, it makes you want to eat it - this is probably why it is so damaging to health... what looks good for you isn't always good for you.

"Wibble wobble wibble wobble, jelly on a plate"!!


  1. lol love it and hmm who knew there was a whole song :p nom nom jelly love lime jelly and i shall be eating the lemon meringuexx

  2. WOW........ I think that was very yummy:D

  3. Haha thank you! It would have been very yummy but due to money constraints I completely forgot about doing this at my reception so I think when we put food on foe my mums birthday later this year I might put this idea to the person doing the food for the day :)