Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Beat Goes On

Since I've pretty much talked to death about the things we are buying with our wage from February, I'm gonna start droning on at you about the things we are going to buy with our wage in March!! I personally think the wage from March is going to be a little bit exciting because we'll finally be puzzling together all the little pieces from the wedding that make the day a whole. For example, shoes & accessories, the guest book, table runners and cloths (this will help really make the Reception idea come alive).

I just need somewhere to store it all because right now, my room still looks very similar to what it did when I moved back to my mums. The reason for this is partly because I am pretty lazy sometimes; and I don't get home until 5:45pm, by that time I am knackered and just want to go to bed, and it is partly because out of the last 4 weeks that I have lived here (actually a little less) I've been ill for possibly nearly 2 and 1/2 of them. For different reasons too! A-noy-ing

Surprisingly enough through my search for table runners for RECTANGLE TABLES I found that CIRCLE TABLES were actually more expensive... I guess it's because there is less material used on a oblong table. I'm not complaining as this has obviously cut costs immensly. We're very lucky to be in a Latter Day Saint Stake (Leeds) where we can borrow tables from other Wards so that hopefully we won't run out. We've counted that we will need 20 large tables and 2 small tables in the big main room where we'll be holding the Reception. They will fit in... and if they don't then we'll be seating people outside.

Best place for table runners and table cloths... ONLINE. I found a brilliant website for table runners, for 21 table runners it will cost me $32.76. I think that's pretty cheap in £'s but the most amount of money will go on the postage! From America! That is why I presume they can do all these deals cheap. It is worth a look though. My sister got a big roll of paper table cloths for £12.99 which is sat in the living room waiting to be used for the Bridal Shower (WOOHOO I am so EXCITED!)

So to dress all the tables it is going to cost roughly £80-£100. Not bad. Could be more. But I'm glad it is less. Remember it isn't about the wedding it is about the marriage.


  1. No worries, it's gonna be less than that :) And you don't need specialised individual table runners, a roll of organza will work just as well for a lot less

  2. I like the white on white with a coloured napkin