Monday, 6 February 2012

Brain- Fried Bridezilla

Only brain-fried because this blog post went from one random rambling to quite a few so it's a bit all over the place... hope you can keep up.

Bunting to be or not to be?

I am in two minds as to whether I want bunting at the reception or not because I don't want it to look like overkill. The tables will be quite busy as it is so I am wondering whether it's just nicer to have twinkle lights around the edge of the room. Bunting is usually associated with fayres and summer time and in keeping with our wedding, which is in spring, we should have something besides bunting. I like twinkly twinkly lights but too many would look a little like a Christmas shop just after Christmas where they have all lights on sale so we don't want that.

But what type of decorations are associated with spring? All I can think of is the Easter bunny and baby animals... maybe I should just have a string of chickies around the room... creepy, by the way not gonna happen.


I have a confession to make, some days I don't do anything wedding related at all. My mind still thinks a lot about wedding things (I mean how can it not?) but some days I don't really do anything wedding-ey; that's funny to say out loud... wedding-ey. But this blog is about the whole experience of planning for a wedding and I'm just telling you now there will be days where you don't do a thing to do with your wedding, which is normal, and quite frankly very helpful. It gets your brain re-focused. You'll probably panic for the whole day that you're not doing enough and that you won't be ready in time, but that's normal. Breath and take a bath. You'll feel better.

Pinterested? I am. Are you?

I know some people can take up to 2 years to plan their wedding but I think that comes down to a LOT of research. I have done loads of research. It's coming out of my earlobes. I put most of it on Pinterest >>See link to the left>> there is a load of stuff on there its like my online wedding book. I am hoping to do an actual book eventually because I have other stuff I'd like to put into it and if the wide world of webs (hehe) dies someday or if they get a completely up to date version of the world wide web I'd like to have a physical book to show people someday, like a keepsake.

Wedding Album: Professional/DIY

We are going with DIY, mainly because it is cheaper. A lot of profesh photographers actually charge LOADS of money on top to give you a wedding album you could probably put together for at least half the price. The fun of DIY is that it can be something really reminiscent for you and your new hubby to do when the photo's arrive on CD from your photographer. You can either get them printed at various websites online like: (comes highly recommended but I've never used them) (I've used this but not for wedding photography)

Or, you can easily go into a photography shop and they'll help you print them there.

You and your hubby can choose how you want to tell your wedding story through your album rather than having a photographer do it for you; this means you can choose the size of the photographs you want and how many copies of each one you want. Luckily, our photographer is doing all our photos on a CD for us *fingers crossed* we still have her, I've not been notified of anyone trying to steal my day yet.

Invite Printing Costs

Random after- thought, for those of you wondering whether it really is cheaper to print invites at a sisters/friends university or to get them done professionally, I went into Staples today for a work related thing and whilst I was there I thought since I had the chance I might as well ask how much it'd be to get them printed. Curiosity killed the cat and all that. Well, the guy told me to print 70 invites on to A3 card and in colour it would be £105 with a 20% discount = £84. Emily is printing mine for £35. Then we are buying backing card on top of that for £10? Max? I think she is definitely the cheaper choice.

Brain is de-fried now, all my random thoughts are written down and make more sense. Hope you kept up.


  1. DO THE BUNTING!! I had it at my wedding and i was unsure too, but it looked so cute with the final look. We too are doing our own album [18 months on we still havent sent it to print], much cheaper than professional, plus its nice to sit down together and relive the day. We're doing ours on iphoto [cos we're mac people haha!] and it costs around £50 but its printed onto a book, rather than the photos being printed and then put into an album, old school. Great fun to put together tho. Dont worry about not doing wedding stuff every day, you dont want to get sick of it! lots of love x

  2. Awww love the photo gracey and glad i could help i cnt imagine what would have happened if you couldnt have found anywhere cheaper :S will have invites printed by the end of the week :D And yes i like the bunting idea getting an uplifting aray of colors and you will be fine :)xx