Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Useful Wedding Websites

So, throughout this blog I've posted quite a few different wedding websites that help with:

guest lists

It is awesome to have this list available to you in case you need it for a rainy day when you've run out of ideas and you just can't focus anymore so I hope you have it handy. They were websites full of great, nifty and cute ideas that could help when you need them.

What? You don't know where they are? They're not handy because you don't know which posts I have listed them on and therefore they've disappeared into the deep abyss of the web and you can't find them? Well, that's a shame I suppose. I guess there was no point telling you before if you were going to lose them.

I should have just made a post like this listing all the great websites I went onto for my ideas, so without furthur ado I present to you my ever-growing list of super-duper resourceful websites:

Organisation/ Ideas/ Creativity:
theknot.com (it always sounds better as theknot.com and not just theknot)
Light in The Box

Light in The Box

Guest List:

Handy and Useful Photographers to look at:
Ruth Mitchell
Nigel Dann
Rebecca Northcott
Marie Barber
Emily Byrom

Wedding Reception Hire:
Ev-ent Furniture Hire
YouCan Hire  
Waitrose or Sainsburys (glass hire)

Other useful links for Reception Decor:
Oh So Cherished
Carrier Bag Shop
World of Envelopes
Pocketfold Invites
Party Delights
Sweets Whole Sale

The last link is my personal favourite. I've never seen so many sweets in my life! Woooo! Click away to your hearts content, and this list will probably get longer! My list of important dates was supposed to be on today but well, only a few things have changed so I'll update that tomorrow.

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