Friday, 24 February 2012

Organisation is the Key

Seriously. If you don't have organisation for planning your wedding... you need to find someone who does, because you won't last. Honest. You'll be pulling your hair out in no time.

In fact even if you are organised you'll still be pulling your hair out because you'll want everything to be done right now right this minute, partially from excitement and partially because you have this nice and neat wedding list of when things need to be done and NOTHING IS CROSSED OFF... and every day that goes by and your list still looks neat and pretty you panic because it doesn't feel like things are getting done when in reality they really are. So, don't panic.

Sometimes I write these posts and it feels like I am trying to reassure myself but I'm not, I am just trying to reassure a stressed hopeful.

Write lists... lots of them
Then write them again.
Did you know that in the run up to your wedding most of the planning you'll do is actually research. So research lots, you'll only know what it is you want when you see it.

Adam put the deposit down on the rings today so they should be sorted by next month. Money is as money does and we haven't enough to pay them both off this month but we will next month. I'm finishing off the invitations tomorrow with Mum and they'll be out next week.

Kudos to Bethany, one of my MOH's, she sent me an email full of a list of table cloths and table runners for the Reception which look really cheap so once we've paid off this, that and the other they will be next.

My mum thought doilies would be really good as place mats for the tables, and they excude spring and sound like spring so we'll be using those too! See it is coming to together kind of.

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