Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rings Camera Flowers! Action!

This month's wage is pretty much going on:

Photographer deposit £200
Wedding Rings £300
Flowers £180

= £680

2/3rd's of my wage...

The above will be the focus of my blog really for the rest of this month just until I get paid, then we'll be crossing fingers for the bridesmaid dresses coming!

Wedding Rings

Just a few things to think about really when trying to pick out your ring:

The Material (gold/white gold/palladium/titanium/silver etc.)
The Shape (D or Curve)
Personalised/Not Personalised (wording or fingerprint)
The Same or Not The Same

Now, because Adam got me a white gold engagement ring we are going for white gold wedding rings, which if you want a plain and simple one will cost you no more than £69.99 (HSAMUEL) but I want to be a bit more glam than that. Because the above includes just my wage I am hoping to spend roughly £200 on each ring. I've mentioned the material of a ring because it is important to realise that you will be wearing these two rings for the rest of your life. They will be sat next to each other, bestest buddies on your finger for the rest of your life, this means they'll have to take a good bit of wear and tear. It is usually recommended you get a ring that is the same material as your engagement ring because one material can wear down the other on your finger if they are not really compatible... and you don't want to be getting a new engagement ring or wedding ring, do you? Just something to look into when choosing your rings.

Also, when I looked in the HSAMUEL window the other day they had rings on for sale that were D shaped and circle; I thought they actually meant shaped like a D you know flat on one side... but they didn't; what they meant was the rim of the ring is a D shape so it is curved on the outside and flat on the inside. Whereas, the circle ring is a circle... all the way around. The sales assistant said the D rings are the ones that are more traditional but people are going for the newer circle shaped rim rings because they are more modern. My engagement ring is more D shaped... So I think I'll be going for that.

Online on Pinterest the other day I saw that people had wedding rings that were personalised with their fingerprints over one another in the shape of a heart which is incredibly cute but I don't think Adam and I will be doing any personalising of our rings, we might with our eternity rings but not for the wedding rings. Just costs too much at the minute for something that isn't a necessity (although is very cute).

Jury is still out on whether we are going to get the same ring or not. I'd like to but the diamonds on a woman's wedding ring just blow me away and they compliment my ring very nicely.

P.S. I know some of you, in fact, most of you won't be from Hull at all, nor will you know about a young man going missing but I thought I'd bring it to people's attention a little more, please click the picture of STUART GILSON MISSING on the right of my blog or click here for the facebook page for him. Even if you didn't know him or have any info about him, it's just to get the word out.

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