Saturday, 11 February 2012

Time For a Bottle Bath!

I like Saturday's. I think it is my most favourite day of the week. I don't work and I can stay in bed all day. Only I didn't stay in bed all day because my alarm went off at 9 o'clock and the morning sunshine said hello through the skylight. Of course my body wasn't tired because it is used to getting up at 8 o'clock so even 9 was a lie in. So, anyway, back to the bottle bath.

 As many of you may know for the center pieces at the Reception we will be having flowers in bottles. Bethany assures me this idea looks really good; I'm presuming it's because she is doing something similar for the Bridal Shower and has taken a picture. Another good idea Bethany had was to get all the bottles together that we have been collecting so far and put them in to the bath and wash them because we hadn't washed them out since we started collecting them and even drinks go off and get moudly.

We also needed to give the bottles a bath because they have labels on them from Bethany's housemates' excursions so we had to get rid of the labels. Some of them were easy peel (not very many) and some of them, in fact 98% of them we had to scrape with some scissors. Nice. We left the bottles to soak for hmm about a couple of hours whilst we tried to tidy out the mountain of 'stuff' I have collected over the years then we sat in the bathroom to peel, scrape and wash away the mess. It was quite fun actually and left my jeans very wet; that's just from drying them!

 All in all we have calculated that we need about 90-100 bottles (so only 65 to go then) and LOTS MORE GREEN ONES!! We only have two green ones, a few blue tinted ones but most of them are clear - not what I imagined but we are getting there.

Luckily, we didn't smash any of the bottles we have so far and we didn't break mum's bath, which is apparently possible so we aren't doing too bad. The only casualty of the evening were our fingers which looked like dried prunes when we had finished. Nothing like looking at your hands and feeling like an old person!! With lots of wrinkles! We had loads of fun though and got soaking wet.

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  1. lol sounds like heavy workmanship to me :p hmm oh yes i have about 8 green ones so you will be fine on that account :p xx