Sunday, 19 February 2012

Paparazzi Wedding Photography

This means you. Or rather the 'you' that is invited... which shall be revealed once you get our lovely invites in the post... before the end of this month. I honestly, honestly promise. 

We are asking, not an odd request, that any photography taken isn't uploaded to Facebook for a number of reasons but here are a couple:

1. We would like to see them all before they go up for the whole world to see (speshly since Facebook don't have any privacy stuff these days)

2. We don't want to come back from our honeymoon and find that 100 odd people have uploaded pics to Facebook and tagged us in them when we don't know what they are. 

2.2. Hmm yes I am a bit of a control freak, and even though I shall be looking my prettiest on my wedding day (or I sincerely hope I will be) I'd rather see all the pics before everyone else.

3. We may want to use some of your pap' shots for our wedding album, which we'll put together once we're back from our honeymoon.

This may seem like a strange or odd request to make but I assure you it has been made before at other weddings, my FMIL told me. You'll have a few options open to you which will be made clear at the wedding/in your favour bags or through word-of-mouth; I haven't quite decided which yet. 

1. Put all the photographs you took on to computer and then onto CD for us to look at ourselves. 

2. Email pics you have taken to either Adam or myself (ask for our email addresses from my mum)

3. Or I open a private account on a website where photographs can be uploaded by anyone using the Username and Password. This way Adam and I can look through them easily without problem.

Which do you think would be the easiest option? Unless, I open up the proverbial floor and let you choose how you want to give them to us. It'd just be easier if it was all done one way. 

We've hopefully booked Ruth Mitchell for our photography as I may have mentioned before but until we pay a deposit at the end of this month the date is really open for anyone who can give her the money first. Fingers crossed people are way more organised than us and are therefore wanting to ring Ruth now to book her for 2013. 

12 WEEKS TO GO! (Yes, that's less than 3 months)

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