Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Tables Have Spoken

(Pickup Hiccup 3.0)

Originally we were going to have circle tables which look beautiful and elegant and sing sweetly of 'Wedding Reception' but as our numbers are high and our budget isn't really sure of where it is besides low we've decided to stick with the tables the chapel already has; given the fact that they're free and easy to get hold of.

These tables seat a number of different people but I think mainly it is a 6's or an 8's table that people shall be placed at and we are having a seating plan because there are so many people we want to invite but we can't and we need to make sure we have space for the people we want at the reception and not just those that have come to the ceremony, in the nicest way possible we just want to make sure people are there. Especially when Adam has relatives coming from Scotland.

You cannot enter.
The table plan planner on theknot.com has been amazing! It's just a shame we don't really know the size of the cultural hall at Bradford Chapel besides knowing it is a little smaller than a football pitch we don't really know much else. Bethany and I had quite a lot of fun the other day trying to make table plans to fit 150 people. I think her's were a little more traditional:

Whereas, mine were quite dramatic:

Not enough space for this...
...Or this.

I was trying to see how small a space I could fit my tables into without making it look like a school dinner hall. I used to hate school and I used to hate the dinner hall... the cliches in America are prevalant over here and don't try to convince yourself of anything different. Only problem is, after yr 11 I didn't really fit on any table, so I took to eating my lunch in the library - I don't think we'll set the Reception out like my school Library though... not enough tables.
For some reason however panicked my brain tries to get about the fact that only 100 people usually fit into a Reception in the hall we are using and we've invited 150, I am not panicked at all. I am sure it will all work out perfectly fine



12th - 3 MONTHS TO GO
14th - Valentines Day
20th - Invites should be going out to all whoop whoop!


4th - Barbara's Wedding (Adam's cousin)
10th - Bridal Shower
12th - 2 MONTHS TO GO
17th - Chief Bridesmaid Birthday (Bethany)
19th - 26th - Off work on Annual Leave to do some serious wedding Prep!


12th - 1 MONTH TO GO
13th - 11 MONTHS TOGETHER/ Maghan's Wedding
20th - Bridesmaid dresses ETA
27th - Date I finish work


  1. Sounds like progresse has been made go you :) xx