Sunday, 12 February 2012

Post January Review

All I can say is:


I like this February because today it's 3 months until the wedding, tomorrow it is 9 months since Adam and I started dating and then Tuesday it's Valentines Day. But next February the only significant day will be Valentines Day... hence why I like this February.
 Pick Up Hiccup 4.0

Nothing much to report today really. We've decided to get the invites printed at my mums house instead, not because Emily would have done a rubbish job but because it is easier to do it here. It means the invites will be printed on two sheets of A4 but if that's what we have to do then that is what we have to do. Emily went to get the invites printed on A3 paper at university the other day but their printer broke and I'm already 2 weeks behind schedule on printing the invites... they were supposed to be going out at the beginning of February but now it's looking more like next weekend... Nevermind.

The other thing about getting them printed at home is that they will be printed straight onto card so we won't have to worry about sticking the paper onto card which I personally think cheapens the look of the invites. I don't want them to look cheap, too much thought has gone into making them. Oh and another good reason for getting them printed here at home is that we will have them straight away in front of us and we won't need to worry about Emily posting them and having the invites arrive sometime when we don't want them to. Don't worry though I have plenty more jobs for Emily to do. 

The bridesmaid dresses have been ordered; the invites are a WiP (work in progress); I have sorted my Wedding Licence and Adam will eventually get round to getting his; we've gone with long rectangle tables instead of circle ones and a bonus for the month - Adam got all of his mens suits sorted out, so contrary to what I usually think, we are well on our way to being organised for the wedding.

This month - February

The focus is on the Wedding Rings & Flowers/ Reception Decoration.

We're getting there.

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