Thursday, 16 February 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Some thing's in a category beginning with W:

The invites will look a lot like the above for those of you who are supposed to be receiving an invite, don't worry you are still invited. Just cash flow problems have prevented me from actually finishing the invites until next week, keep an eye on your post boxes!!
I wish I could find somewhere that would sell me these cute little jars. There is a sweet shop in Sunderland called Sweet Home Alabama and I have sent my sister on a mission there to see if they will sell me some jars! I love the little decor on them (ribbons). 
I showed this cake to my friend who is making the actual wedding cake for me, I told her I wanted something like this, then she looked at me with a concerned face and said, "Yep I can do that". I just couldn't tell whether she was being serious or whether she had a sound of panic in her voice.   

I know these are real flowers but they are just so beautiful. I don't know which flower the big white ones are but I really love them. I saw the smaller ones at a friend's wedding and thought they looked so cute and so minimalistic but yet they were so gorgeous and just added to the class of the day.
 I wish I had enough money to make my Reception look exactly like this because I think it is so beautiful and really grasps the thoughts I want for the Reception but no matter what we do it'll still be exactly what I want. I love the bottom left flower/weed/etc. in the bottom left of this picture so if anyone can tell me what it is I would be very grateful.
Mum brought these flowers to my attention a couple of days after Adam and I had got engaged; I had given her the task of flowers. That was her job, flowers. Little did she know that these flowers would eventually match the exact same colours we want for the wedding... in the beginning they were something completely different. Maybe she read my mind before I even did.
I love this cake, the flowers scattered are exactly what I want so I may have to put this idea to my cake-ist?? I don't want it to look chocolatey though, I just want it white. And I don't want the chocolate twisted rim, but apart from that I love the size, shape and flowers. 
Ah, the infamous bottles. That nobody seemed to think would work, but I think they will look great and just you wait until the wedding day. You'll see. I'll post pictures up once I have come back from my honeymoon.
You have no idea how long it took me to try and get these pictures on this post... nearly 3 hours! (Seriously - that's how dedicated I am to this blog) These are just some of my favourite favourites that I've been collecting on my pinterest account. If any of you are getting married I seriously recommend Pinterest it is amazing. I have decided that I am keeping this blog when I get married but I am just going to change the name to 'The Bradfordian Bell'. <3

I don't know why the captions under the pictures are a different, no idea. If it hadn't taken me nearly 3 hours to put this post up I would try and figure it out, but right now I'm ready to chuck my laptop out the window. So *deep breath* and post....

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