Wednesday, 29 February 2012

D's for the D

Dates for the Diary


5th - Barbara's Wedding (Adam's Cousin)
10th - Meeting with Photographer
10th - Bridal Shower
12th - 2 MONTHS TO GO
13th - 10 Months Together
17th - Bethany's Birthday (Maid of Honour)
19th - Adam going to Registry Office
19th - Mum and I going with Sarah L for fleurs
22nd - Interview for Volunteer Position at a school

So we have something going on pretty much every week of the month in March. Even in the last week I am off until 26th March 2012. (Sorry for the delay in posting, Bethany rang me to ramble, and because Bethany rang me I thought it'd be nice to ring Emily and see how she was doing. So, there you go.

I don't really know much about April yet, we just seem to be planning things for the wedding kind of the month before and then we get nice full diaries like the one above. I still need to email my friend who is doing the cake because she doesn't know what I want for cake. I think I kind of know what I want for the cake so let's just hope she can make it!


12th - 1 MONTH TO GO
12th - Christina's Birthday (My Brother's partner)
13th - Maghan's Wedding (Adam's friend)
13th - 11 Months Together

And that's all I have for now really.

I went website shopping again today. Partyrama really is amazing... They have pages that are colour themed, so if you are having a party/social gathering that is white you can just click the link and the whole page is filled with lots of lovely white things! Ahh! It is actually quite hard to find any light moss green napkins, any help would be appreciated as they are on the shopping list for next month.

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