Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Little Bit O' Bling

Everyone likes a bit of sparkle now and again.

I am thinking, as well as wearing a veil, of getting a tiara. Many people have said wearing a veil without a tiara would look a little weird because it won't have any 'bling' on it and everyone needs a bit of bling - I agree. When trying wedding dresses on in about 10 different stores (no joke) I found the tiara's were a little on the expensive side to say the least! The cheapest one I saw was £49.99. And so consequently the idea of getting a tiara went very quickly out of my head.

But, when I was trying MY wedding dress on Debbie told me the better and much less expensive way of getting a tiara is to BUY ONE FROM CLAIRE'S ACCESSORIES or ACCESSORIZE. She said every tiara she had on sale in her store was between £5.00 and £20.00. So, if you're really strapped for cash check these places first and you'll probably find one. There is also Ebay/Amazon and lightinthebox.com - all very good websites for getting things cheap and sometimes a lot cheaper than you expect (especially with Ebay).

I haven't mentioned any of the above websites on here before because I haven't used them as of yet for anything for the wedding except Amazon for the jigsaw pieces for the Favour Bags at the Reception. But pretty soon in the next month or so I'll pretty much live on Amazon and Ebay. I trust Amazon a lot more than Ebay - for some reason I've never heard any really bad stories from Amazon but Ebay is full of them... anyway back to the bling.

Until recently, I never really was a 'bling' person. I always imagined my wedding ring would be very plain and it isn't, I'd imagined my dress to be quite plain and it isn't... it is bright pink though, which is something I'd have never gone for before ;) I've pretty much started to love the little bit o' bling that seems to be invading mine and Adam's wedding, but that's okay. I've always loved twinkly lights anyway because they are so shiny.

Talking about bling reminds me that I don't have my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I'm all for traditions so if anyone in the family has any idea's I'd be more than happy to have any suggestions.

Old; A Threepence Piece
New; A Silver Horseshoe Charm
Borrowed; A Gift From Me to You
Blue; A Swarovski Crystal Heart