Monday, 27 February 2012

You Make Me Feel...

...Like I'm Living a Teenage Dream.

Adam has finally booked an appointment with the registry office! So as soon as he does that we can go get our bits of paper to give to our Registrar, which is someone we've known a long time, and then we're sorted.

No matter what else happens we'll be able to definitely get married. This means that even if you all have to sit on the floor on picnic blankets with a bit of cake and cup of juice then so be it! That's what we will have.

We have also booked our photographer! We just need to hand over some pennies and meet with Ruth Mitchell on the 10th March; yes I am very aware it is the same day as my Bridal Shower; nothing say's busy like being fully booked. Look at Ruth Mitchell's photography here -> click here

I found a really cheap website last night whilst scouting the interwebs called - this website has like EVERYTHING you could ever think of and more. They do sets of 144 packs of bubbles for £30.00. They have table rolls, organza table material; organza bows for chairs; cutlery; serving platters... honestly. Anything you can think of, it's there. So I've book marked about a million pages for when we finally get round to buying things for the reception. It's all the bigger bulk things that seem to be taking a while for now.

This weekend we'll have to put our wedding plans on the shelf as we go north for a wedding on a Sunday; I've never known a wedding be on a Sunday but I guess it just depends on when places are free. It's also the first time I meet pretty much all of (the) Adam's family (badum duushh) so it's going to be a scary weekend too. At this moment in time I haven't got anything to wear, but I'm sure they won't mind me going in my birthday suit. JUST KIDDING. I'm just glad that the day won't be about me at all because then no-one will focus on me which is fine. I am not good with new people and making friends - I'll just hide in the corner and eat cake; no, not cake. I'll eat grapes. But honestly I am sure it'll be fun.

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