Sunday, 26 February 2012

Little By Little

We gave you everything you ever dreamed of.

I am getting there aren't I? Slowly; or actually should I say, so fast that I can barely blink. I was telling my mum today that this next week will go quick because Adam and I have his cousin's Wedding to go to in Scotland and I have Monday 5th of March off work, but then I said the week after would go quick too because I have my Bridal Shower on the 10th. But, then I also realised that in March from 19th until 26th I have time booked off work so that means the week after my Bridal Shower will go quick because I'll be excited to be off work. Then I'll have a week off in March so obviously that is going to go quick and before you know it... It's April. Woah. Scary. Not really; I'm very excited to be getting married. I can't wait.

It has taken us two days to print, slice, stick, fold and write all the invitations but they are now written. Some of you lucky people that are in my ward at church have gotten yours first, then it'll be the people I work with (friends who have watched me pull my hair out constantly since this whole thing started) and Wednesday we are looking to post all the rest. Annoyingly enough they definitely won't fit in first class normal post so we're going to have to go for the bigger sized ones but we'll manage and it'll be worth it.

Overflowing - Ooops
 We have potentially booked the morning of the 10th of March to see our photographer so she can get a feel of the building we will be getting married in and it's surroundings. Then I'll be whizzed away to my Bridal Shower in the evening. We've also asked my friend and florist if she is available the week I am off work so we can go buy wedding flowers, so I think, all in all, we are getting there and back on schedule. I like schedule. Anyone can tell you I'm not the best organised person in the world but I am getting there.

When my mum handed the invitations out today you could tell people were really pleased for us, their faces just lit up - it's quite obvious what the invite is before you open it. I am so glad that I was able to fit close friends from church on the wedding list because I know they'll all do anything they can to help with getting things ready for the Wedding.

I must say I am VERY PLEASED with how the invitations have turned out. They've gone exactly the way I wanted them too and I added some little extras too it that mum said they didn't need but I like the finishing touch. Quite a few people at church commented on how great they looked which I really appreciate.

Overall, the wedding invites cost roughly £2 per person. (£150) but like I think I said before we could have easily halfed this price but not, I don't think, for the same quality invitations we have now.


  1. well im so glad things are going forward and omg i cnt your bridal shower is in 2 weeks its crazy time flys so fast and omg your getting married its crazy i have only just come to that realization :pxx

  2. Haha, have you come to the realization that I am gettin married or have you come to the realization that it is crazy :P xx