Saturday, 8 October 2011

Where it Starts

Happily ever after...

Well, that's where it ends!

Adam proposed yesterday! So okay I was kind of expecting it, and all through the week I was second guessing myself, 'Will he, won't he, will he, won't he' in the end I TRIED to give up thinking about it before it blew my brain up. I mean he did KINDA give it away by sending me pictures of rings and then asking me my ring size...

So, when he txted me yesterday evening saying we should go to the temple when he got to Bradford because, let's face it... the temple is absolutely stunning at night time, I couldn't think of anything BUT him proposing but I didn't want to spoil anything so I just went along with things. The drive to the temple was just like any other drive, calm, cool, collected... the little actor he is, I really did start doubting my brain.

We got to the temple at about 8pm parked up and started walking around and taking pictures. We got to the back of the temple where there are six windows (3 on top of 3) and they were beaming with beautiful golden light and Adam seemed to linger there a little longer than usual.

I started to walk off then as soon as I did Adam said "hang on a minute I'm going to do something here". I said "oh". Then he got down on one knee, with the floor being wet from previous rain, produced a box and opened it with a beautiful ring inside, and asked me to be his wife for time and eternity!! I of course said most definitly yes! It was such a beautiful evening! The ring was amazing, although a little more expensive looking than I had expected!

I put the ring to my finger and it wouldn't fit! It did kind of but only if I cut my blood circulation off! I was a teeny tiny bit bummed but in the end it fit on my right hand on the finger next to my little finger and I left it there (Story about it this tomorrow).

He rang his family and said "It is done"... which I kinda laughed at. I spoke to Adam's mum and dad who welcomed me to their family and the ringing around of people we felt close to began... lots of congratulations and laughs later I am now thinking constantly about the million and 1 things I need to get done.

I am not a great planner, I mean I did my 10,000 word dissertation in 5 weeks... including all the planning and researching... there's no way I'm planning THIS in five weeks!! Haha

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