Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dress Shopping

More like dress disaster.

Today I'd give 6/10. I know I'm not the skinniest person alive but seriously, if you ever want incentive to lose weight go to a bridal shop and ask for your size in a dress... it won't even go over your hips.

I asked for a 14 and it was more like a 10. So instead I had to try on 16/18 dresses and I even got in to a size 20, but only just. That was the first problem. The second one was that because I am such a 'large size' none of the shops had the size that I wanted or needed. So out of all 4 shops we went into to try dresses on I tried on 4. Not because I didn't find any I liked, I just couldn't find any that would fit. And wait there's more. The third problem was that I want a modest wedding dress, so something that covers the arms and top of the chest area, not a turtle neck but something that covers the cleavage area. But, NONE of the shops supplied even ONE dress with any type of sleeve, not even a cap sleeve just to see what anything would look like.

So now I feel fat, depressed and demolished. I'm sure the bride isn't supposed to feel like that. The only good thing about today is that I tried on a dress that was really different to what I wanted and I actually really suited it, the other good thing was that I got a bit of a make-over at a stall in John Lewis, Bobbi Brown, which was amazing. According to them my face colour is porcelian, which is quite light.

For a first dress shop I just feel like I didn't get anyway and I really don't want to buy my dress online because I am terrified it won't fit and then I'll spend the next few months getting it resized. *sigh* Yes I'm annoyed.

If anyone has any uplifting comments, feel free to share.

There was a bride to be in John Lewis by the Bobbi Brown counter and she was soooo majorly excited to be getting married, Monica said she seemed moments away from inviting us all to her wedding. Haha I have such an even head on me at the minute I do wonder whether I should be more screamy and excited?

I am excited :) The wedding is just another thing to plan, as much as I love weddings I love my fiancee more and it's the marriage I am more looking forward to. But today made me feel exactly how I thought it would... fat and crappy. Hopefully the next time I go to a dress shop, I'll feel better.

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