Monday, 17 October 2011

Cakes and Colours!

I decided to only post 5 times a week :) And leave the weekend for some serious wedding planning.

I have a 'kind of' colour theme that I am really hoping I won't have to change because 1. I really like it and 2. The colours both suit Emily and Bethany. But who knows, they could get the colours on and they could look awful. Then there is the whole issue of whether I can get a dress in not only the colours I want but also the style I want *fingers crossed*. Things seem to be going really smoothly at the minute but I doubt I'll be saying that in even just a few months time!

So before I go mental on you for the colour theme. I finally have someone doing my cake for me. A lovely friend from church. Thanks Doreena! She asked me to get together pictures and colours of cakes that I like which will give her an idea of what I want and then I guess she'll tell me what she can do and the price.

There is one thing I really need at the minute and that is, a wedding planner book! I have all these ideas and plans and options and things that look good and ideas that I think look good until I put them together, which is why I love love love You can search through lots of different pieces of clothing and accessories to find the perfect colours to go together, hmmm magic.

As you can see from above, green and blue look awesome together. Or rather, aqua, turquoise and rose.

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