Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We Have a Date!

We have a confirmed date with our Bishop and the chapel we want to use!

I'm not going to reveal it for a few weeks, but honestly it isn't this year. I couldn't post until I had told Adam the date it felt like I was telling the world something before I had told him! Which feels weird.

Now we have the date, and a checklist I just need to find the right colours now. I am getting married in the spring sometime, so I want to use spring colours but since Adam has pretty much given me free reign on planning our day and my mum got married in October (complete contrast to the month I'm getting married in), I am extremely stuck on which colours we should use. Light green, lemon, fuchsia, green, bah! and everytime I think I've found the perfect shade of each of these colours... apparently I haven't and they look odd :D Oh dear, back to the drawing board.

I don't mind saying this, because what helps me might help others, this is going to be a very closely budgeted wedding, which someone told me today is harder to plan than a loosely budgeted wedding because you have to think harder about what you really do need, and literally pinpoint the exact way you want something to go. I think it is very safe to say that finding the perfect wedding dress on the budget is a lot harder than finding lots of perfect wedding dresses.

I have confirmed bridesmaid and I think the jury is still out on Adam's best man but I'm sure I know who he has in mind.

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