Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weddingingy Things

So, now that I am off work for a week and a day or so it's time to really get stuck in to some of the things that need to get done. For 1. the wedding dress needs to get sorted. Jen, Adam's mum, has booked us into 3 appointments over the weekend for us, I mean me, to go and try some dresses on. I'm going to try on whatever fits and I guess in the shop they'll want to know what type of dress I want but I'm sorry peeps no dress ideas on here I'm afraid! Just in case the boyfriend looks on here (oops fiancee!).

Tomorrow, we are going for a celebratory engagement lunch with the other half's parents. I've no idea where we are going but apparently it's somewhere 'posh' so I need to wear my Sunday best. For that I have my blue and white flower dress, I don't think it is posh but it'll have to do.

Adam has his suits sorted and has nearly decided on all his ushers. We still don't have a theme yet but at least we have colour theme, which I am hoping will suit both Emily and Bethany. But this weekend is about me and I just need to remember that. The dresses this weekend are about me, but throughout the week I'm going to focus on Emily and Bethany's dresses and the other bridesmaid dresses after that. I'm off work next week so I've plenty of time to focus on it then.

Then it is onto the guest list and the all important invitations. If we don't invite someone it's not because we don't love you it's just because we JUST DON'T HAVE THE ROOM :( I have a list of everyone I want to invite I am just in the middle of collaborating with Adam on who he wants to invite. My list is more family based and his is more friend based. The wedding party is nearly confirmed so watch this space for the full list!

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  1. YES! Spend some time focusing on you! You deserve it :) and yeah just try on anything and everything, that's the best way to find something that looks amazing :)

    Have a nice engagement meal :) xxx