Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Post of Much Information

Sorry for being rubbish and not posting. I've been doing a million things including looking at dogs!

So here is a quick low down of what has been going on the past few days.

1. Adam has finally managed to crack on with the people he wants to invite to the wedding, only now the number is up to 176, and we already decided on 150. Uh oh. A lot of chopping will have to be made. 300 people can fit in the chapel but only 150 can fit into the reception room! The cultural hall isn't that big, so we'll have to make a few changes! To the list, not the cultural hall.

2. I took my mum's advice and contacted a member I know down in Bristol who knows someone that sells modest wedding dresses.


She is AMAZING. Her dresses are lovely and she is lovely. I mean we were sat chatting for about 15 minutes! She has dresses in my size and she too thinks the dress sizings are completely ridiculous! But we have an appointment in Radstock, by Bath, on the 19th November. My Bridesmaid, Cecily is going to be there and my dad's partner Gayle is going to be there too, whilst my dad and Adam have some nice man-time together.

3. The colour theme is most definitely decided, just so everyone knows. It is blue, green and rose. I think the blue will go perfect with Emily and Bethany, and the green will go perfect with the other three, Cecily, Isobel & Hannah, there'll be a hint of rose all around (Shoes, flowers, ribbon on the dress etc.)

4. Adam has chosen all of his Ushers and his Best Man. They are as follows:

Best Man: James (His brother)

Usher #1: Aaron Vigour (His good friend from church)
Usher #2: Dan Cain (Another friend from church)
Usher #3: Aaron Newland Bentley (My bestest friend EVER)
Usher #4: Michael Smith (My brother)

(I think we should definitely get these socks!)

I think that is pretty good progress in just a couple of days. I've been researching places that sell flowers for brides and bridesmaids so that will be next on our list once we've got the girls bridesmaid dresses. We think things will really start to hit the fan once January comes around and we have less time to prepare everything.


We'll manage. Then once the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, suits, invitations and flowers have been sorted we can start thinking of some funky and individual ideas for our reception, things that really mirror our personalities. The reception is the time to relax and chill out and really start to celebrate our wedding; so I'll keep you posted. At the same time we'll be looking at a seating plan and favours for everyone and special presents for bridesmaids, not to forget the food. The photographer has been sorted so I think that is maybe possibly probably everything.

Oh, and the wedding rings...

(Not the actual rings we are getting)

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