Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Timeline Checklist

Bethany, aka sister & chief Bridesmaid second in command, sent me an email with a very useful checklist on it. This one is amazing because it tells you what things need to be done and when. For now I think I am just getting a lot of research done, a lot of decisions need to be made for certain things, like what theme we want!

We're still stuck for that one. We've picked colours for our theme and the easiest option would be to pick flowers but we will see. The wedding dress is now taken care of, money wise. My lovely dad is going to pay for the dress which is amazing, so now I just need to find the right one, there is one my mum and I have been eyeing up online for a while but I am petrified of finding one online buying it and then having it not fit. So who knows for now, but I am going to try on dresses this weekend which should be extremely fun, I'm going to look for shape and style. I'm going with Emily (first in command chief bridesmaid), Jennifer (future mother-in-law) and Monica (Adam's brothers girlfriend).

Bethany, Adam and I have decided that we don't really need to start spending any money until January, except for the dress, so I can't to try some on then buy one and wait for it to arrive. It is going to be so exciting! We still have to decide numbers but so far I have more people coming than I need!

So what we have sorted so far:

Bride & Groom :D
Colour Theme
Bestman & Usher
Person to Organise the music

What we are going to sort next:

Wedding list and invitation layout
Possibility of more ushers
Wedding Dress
Bridesmaid dresses

There is plenty more but these are things just for now

I can see myself becoming a bit of a bridezilla. I've decided that the decisions for things to happen at the wedding will come Adam and I, and no-one else. He has given me free reign but that doesn't mean I don't ask him on any decisions we need to make, but I've decided whatever decisions we make we can't please everyone, and we don't need too. Whatever makes us happy is what we should have.

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