Saturday, 29 October 2011


I'm not really posting every day am I? How rubbish am I?! Haha

I've been so busy trying to get my silly colours right. But I think I am getting there. I had to search for ages for the right colours, so here they 'possibly' are.

(Obvious hints of green because of the flowers)

I have a picture up on my polyvore and pinterest accounts if anyone would like to see them. (Username: gbbayb) (Username: gbbayb/grace) I'm not sure on that one. But it is in wedding ideas anyway.

A good wedding dress shop owner told Emily and I that my dress is the most important and best to get first because of the material. She explained that I don't want the bridesmaid dresses material to be shiny if my dress isn't shiny. So for example, if I have a matt silk dress then the girls should look matt too... or something like that. I like the burgundy, lavender and cream. I think and hope that it'll look good.

We still haven't sorted the wedding list and Adam's "I'll-do-it-tomorrow" approach really isn't helping, but like he said we do have a month or so to think about it and the invitations won't really be going out until February. But still, we do need all the addresses before then... *sigh and smile*

I have Michael's girlfriend, Christina, helping me with the design of the invitations, RSVP's, Directions, Programmes, Placecards, Thank you notes etc... So hopefully we'll see a draft of that soon!! :D EXCITING!

Night peeps I am MAJORLY tired. x

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