Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Journey of the Ring

As Adam says: "One ring to rule them all"

The evening was perfect, the scene was romantic but the ring was cutting off my blood circulation and it HAD to be on the right finger for me to get majorly excited about it. Adam said don't worry we can get it exchanged in Bradford for you, so I was really happy. I said do you have the receipt, he said "yeah it's in the bag", so we checked the bag and it wasn't there!

We rang his mum and she said they had it there. Adam and I sat for a few minutes trying to work out what we were going to do, his mum suggested they could take a picture of the receipt so the people in Bradford could see it. We just hoped that they'd exchange it without the receipt.

So, the ever hopefuls Adam and I are went to Bradford jewellers and asked if they could exchanged it for us thy said they would! And without a receipt! I was SOOO HAPPY! They got the ring out of the window and asked what size I needed. As with everything when it comes to me 'common' bloodtype, 'common' shoesize, I also have a 'common' ring size... and the shop didn't have my size in! I was half a size short!

We were just about to order the ring in which would take 6 days when Adam, ever the clever bugger said, "we are off into Preston later to see Beth why don't we ring them up and see if they have it", the woman in the shop said it was really doubtful because with the type of ring we got they only ever hold one in stock and it's usually the smaller sizes.

But she rang anyway and told them that Newcastle store had rung through and said they'd seen the receipt, which hadn't actually happened, they told her they had my size!! So off to Preston we went!! And yes, it fit!

So, all in all Adam drove about 200ish miles for meee!

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