Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dresses... Dresses... Dresses

Today was a day of dresses.

I've been thinking about the colour theme and I don't know who it was but whoever you are and you read this please make yourself known!

They said to plan the wedding colour theme around the bridesmaid dresses and what colours suit them, at first I thought "what?! are you crazy" (sorry whoever you are but that's what I thought) my second thought was "isn't the wedding supposed to be about the Bride's dress?" but then after a few hours I kinda realised something... If I were to base the colour theme around the wedding dress then everything would be white, and I don't know about you but white flowers and white everything seems a bit too boring.

So, now I'm waiting until the beginning of the year to get the bridesmaid dresses (doesn't we can't go out and try things on) then I'm going to base the theme around the colours my bridesmaids wear. I'm not revealing who is who until I've spoken to everyone and okayed everything with the husband - to - be. It's nice making decisions with someone else... let's see how long I agree with that statement haha, just kidding Adam.

Bridesmaid dresses are next, watch this space! It's going to be so much fun!

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