Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Girls!!

So I 'finally' have it! My list of girls. I say 'finally' because I haven't got my flower girl yet, just waiting on a confirmation from someone.

But here it is!

Emily - Chief Bridesmaid & Maid of Honour (First in Command) A.K.A. Emmi-Moo

Sunderland, UK.

Without this young woman, none of this would even be possible. She's been hiding Adam away from me for 2 years the little bugger! Emily is 20 and extremely funny we also share the same month for our birthday! WOOP!

Emily's first words when we told her we were engaged "uurr wwhat?! Does that mean I've got to put up with Adam now?"

Bethany - Chief Bridesmaid & Maid of Honour (Second in Command) A.K.A. Betni

Preston, UK

Well... I couldn't very well have one without the other could I? Bethany is awesome. She was there when I first met Adam and she said she knew straight away that we'd hit it off... I don't think she ever thought we'd hit it off that much! Not many people know this, but Bethany was the first on my side to know! She'd texted me asking if Adam had arrived to Bradford yet, and I received the text just after he proposed so I sent her a text back that pretty much said "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh", followed by a text from her asking if everything was okay, to which I responded with a picture of our engagement ring!

Lady Cecily-Daisy Zorab (Bridesmaid #1)A.K.A. Cecil-Bum

Bath, UK

Cecily has been my friend since just before start of uni. All I remember about her are dreadlocks :D Bright pink dreadlocks (and brown ones... but no-one remembers those). It took us until 3rd year of uni to finally live together, which was the best university year ever! We had some awesome times!! In fact we had lots of awesome times! Her first words when I told her I was getting married were "You're getting married!! I'm so happy for you congratulations!" (she was very sleepy at the time)

Isobel Harding (Bridesmaid # 2) A.K.A. Smel-o-bel

London, UK

There was a picture from first year uni lurking around online when Facebook started becoming FACEBOOK! and Izzy and I look soooo young on that picture! I don't think we ever realised at that time that 3rd year we'd be living together. Again, we had some seriously great times! Izzy's first words when I told her I was getting married "What? Like seriously your engaged?" I said "yes", Izzy "I knew it I knew it! I have to be there when you try on dresses, I seriously have to be there. I have to be there" (I do think she was slightly drunk).

Hannah Hadley (Bridesmaid # 3) A.K.A. Hanni-pants

Worcester, UK

I think Hannah is hilarious. She too lived with Izzy and Cecily in first year, but really 3rd year was the best! When she lived with me! Hannah says she loves my Yorkshire accent and tries to copy it all the time. She's bouncy and crazy (in a good way) all I remember from third year is Hannah bumbling down the stairs singing and banging on my door. First thing Hannah said when she found out was "oh my goosh, oh my goosh oh my goosh, Grace I can't believe it. Congratulations"

(Possible flowergirl but we shall see)

I apologise to anyone if anything I have written above isn't EXACTLY what you said, but seriously, I was so happy and excited at that point I can't really completely remember what any of you said.

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