Saturday, 31 December 2011

Here and There

Since money for us is a little tight and I don't mind admitting that. We are literally paying for everything in the last 4 months before the wedding. (Jan - Apr)

So last night I decided to write down a list (yes another one) of what we still need to get and when we need to get it by. Through writing everything down I realised that we didn't have as much to buy as I thought and I also realised that we could actually pull this beautiful amazing day off with what money we have at the minute.

I'll tell you after the wedding how much it actually costs, but if we can do it on a tight budget then let that not be a reason for anyone not to get married. We have had help and a lot of things we haven't had to pay for. We got a little money from here and there but two thirds of the cost has come from us.

We still have a dilemma of where all the cutlery/glassware and crockery will come from but a few phone calls should hopefully solve that and if all else fails we will just use rectangle tables. Everywhere we look we have something to fall back on incase something else fails.

I must admit I do feel slightly jealous of those people who have parents to pay for everything for them, and at the minute Adam and I don't actually have a honeymoon planned because we haven't even thought of the cost but on the other hand I am glad we are paying for everything by ourselves (mainly) because then the wedding has more of us in it, like our blood sweat and tears through all the painstakingly long hours we have worked to get a table cloth :)


  1. grace im sure the wedding will be brilliant darling i keep looking though this and its coming together very nicly i see... all the best for 2012 xxx