Saturday, 10 December 2011

Check List

As some of you may know, I suffered a stupid fall the other day on black ice and tore all the ligaments in my left ankle which has left me off work for initially two weeks but I still cannot walk without crutches and cannot put much weight on my left leg at all, the consequences of this are pretty rubbish, i.e. me waking up every 4 hours in the night because my pain killers wear off.

So, I've been going through my check list of what needs to get done for the wedding:

Date: Check
Venue & Reception Booked: Check
Wedding Party decided: Check
Speakers in Ceremony: Check
Wedding Music: Ceremony music chosen/ Reception not chosen
Invitations: Chosen not made
Guest List: Few tweaks
Food: List made, needs to be discussed in January
Wedding Rings: Not chosen, looking at these March/April
Wedding Licence: Getting these January
Registrar booked: Check
Wedding Dress: Check
Mens Suits: Getting these Feb/March
Womens dresses: Getting these Jan/Feb
Flowers: Being chosen Jan/Feb
Cake: Being chosen feb/March
Reception furni hire: To be done Feb
Reception Decor: In progress I have a few things for it
Reception cutlery: Need to make a few calls
Speakers in Reception: List made
Guest Book: Seen the perfect one
Blank Jigsaws: Know where to buy these from
Favour Bags: in progress


I was talking to a trusted friend the other day about the Reception and they've been there and done that so I was getting some advice they seemed to think I have everything all covered. There are going to 150 people at the Reception inc. the 10 on top table. We have chosen round tables for the reception because we feel that people can talk to one another more and be closer to one another, so we're going to need 14 tables! I say this but I have no idea whether 14 tables will even fit in the room!

The table cloths will be ivory with lemon top covers and the sashes for the chairs will be dark citron green. All the plates will be ivory and the cutlery silver and there will be big glasses for the toast... The centre pieces for the tables will be different sized bottles with flowers in them, there will be diamant├ęs spread over the table with green LED lights... I have no idea whether this will work but I am sure it'll look interesting and individual. HAHA either that or completely rubbish... please share your thoughts!


  1. oh so that's what's happening is it??? :)x

  2. to see reception ideas in one place please go to this link: