Monday, 26 December 2011

The Favours & a Treat

December has been a busy and yet very slow month. I tore the ligaments in my ankle on the 6th of December and have been signed off until the 10th of January this has given me lots of time to sit around and plan my wedding and not really do much else, besides rest and knit lots of things like hats and scarfs. Luckily I have future hubby to help me buy all presents and through the mad dash on Christmas Eve we managed to get everyones presents.

Back to the favours. I wanted to do something a little individual but not something totally over the top and I saw an idea a few months ago online that I thought was really cute. It was this:

Yep, jigsaw pieces. We are going to ask our guests to write on a piece of jigsaw so we can put it altogether and get it framed. As well as the jigsaw pieces I saw online I also saw something else, we couldn't decide what we wanted as favours so in the end we have kinda decided on a bit of everything. Including this:

The organza bags will be inside the favour bags with a note inside saying "Fill me up at the sweets table" and there will be jars of sweets for people to fill up their organza bags with.

Then, finally, last but not least the favour bag will have a thank you card in it with Adam and I on the front and the date. It will be SO CUTE! We are actually having a proper guest book aswell, reason being is that some of the people coming to the wedding won't be able to come to the reception (as much as we want you all there) but we'd still love people to sign something for us.

The treat....

... MY VEIL CAME!!! And it is beautiful! Debbie at sent it to me special delivery so I could get it before Christmas so now I'm going to have to try everything on together to see how it looks!

Next year is nearly here and it'll be a time of healthy eating, stressing out, DIY-ing and GETTING MARRIED!

0 invitations finished 70 to go
0 Favour bags down 140 to go.

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  1. Maybe you could invite the guests over and get them to do their own invitation and favour bag - you said DIY x