Friday, 9 December 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

Picking bridesmaid dresses has been an absolute nightmare. At first we were going to go to a proper shop to get them because people could see what the dresses would look like on and see which colours would suit them. But when I chose the colour scheme we were having an extremely difficult time trying to find any dresses in the colours I wanted... not to mention the fact that all 5 of bridesmaids are in different cities joining up on the map like some kids dot-to-dot picture.

So, then I decided buying dresses online would be cheaper and all the girls could get exactly the same dress in their own size and in the right colour no problem...

... I came to the above conclusion at least 4-5 weeks ago. All this time, up until now, I have found great and amazing websites but the colours are wrong; or the dress size is wrong or I can't get the girls into a custom made dress. Then when I do find a place that sells custom made dresses and they are the right colour all I see online are bad reviews of everything, so that put me off even more.

Last night I messaged all my bridesmaids and told them we had to come up with a dress and proper colours before the end of this week, so I could at least tick one thing off my list whilst not being able to move anywhere.

Bethany and I, after posting and linking 50 million different dresses decided to come up with some proper criteria for narrowing down the search for the dress, we decided:

- no organza coz thats what mine is, and A LOT of it. haha
- gathered waist
- add sleeves or jacket
- already has sleeves
- round, square, straight (ish) neckline
- custom sized and nearest colour possible

We posted between us 15 dresses that we liked and Bethany did all the pros and cons, Emily added some input too and I asked them to choose 5 dresses each, quite surprisingly they both chose 4/5 the same so I opened them all up in my web browser added up all the pros and cons, decided which one I liked most and told the girls we should get that specific one.

You'll have to wait until the wedding day to find out.

Useful websites were:

I did look at a few others but now I am so GLAD that is out of the way... now we just need to wait until January to order them and fingers crossed... they'll get here on time.

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