Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Bonanza

We found the perfect bridesmaid dress. It was the right price but not exactly the right colour, but I didn't care because it was beautiful. Emily and Bethany loved it and I was just waiting for their measurements and money to come through so we could order the dresses and wait with baited breath as to what the finished product would look like.

I kept checking the website every now and again with the hopes that it wouldn't disappear.

Emily and Beth sent me their specific measurements today and so I went online fingers at the ready to start punching some numbers. I went to the website the dress was on and the WHOLE layout of the website had changed. So I scurried to my saved dress and there it was.

I scrolled down to the custom measurements part of the page. There were only four slots to fill in, not ten like we'd originally seen. And my bridesmaids are all sizes and all ages therefore I was very glad to come across a website that did very specific measurements so I was completely gobsmacked when I realised I couldn't put in the right sizes they had given me.

I went to the colours to see what the dress would look like in the green I wanted the other bridesmaids in, but I couldn't see it... I couldn't see any colour options at all, and there was no link on the whole website that I could see that took me to a colour chart (which there was before) so at this point I am about ready to cry...

I have no sizing, no colour and now apparently there would be no dress. This dress that the girls and I had been staring at for days had finally disappeared. Much to our horror and dismay.

After a bout of being slightly annoyed somewhat, I got my punching fingers out again and scoured the web in search of the dress. At least we had some idea of what it was we were searching for.

With the help of a bridesmaid we scoured the net through 2, 3, 4, 5 websites of dresses, deja vu kicked in. I had been here before, I had done all this and all my hard work had paid off for a week... yet here I was again right back at the beginning scouring the net for the dress... again.

This time I have chosen four dresses, 3 from 1 site and 1 from another but none are from the original website I went onto and they are all roughly the same price.

Moral of the story is: Be prepared if you are buying online to really BUY online, that minute, NO... that millisecond you find the dress you want, otherwise... you'll be left in deja vu land for another day or so with stress which is never really needed or wanted.

134 days to go.

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  1. that really sucks i heard about it yesturday i was soo anooyed so on to the next dresses i suppose (its emily by the way ) x