Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunshine Daisies, Butter Mellow...

...Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!!

Or rather turn these stupid colours into something that'll actually look good. I love burgundy on Emily and Bethany but trying to find colours to go with that, which would resemble my spring colour theme was seriously driving me round the bend.

Like literally, I must change this plan more than I change knickers!! (Just kidding) The only colours we could think of to go with burgundy were green and gold which are both Christmas colours, which are obviously winter colours so I wanted to shine a bit more colour into my scheme and then I saw this flower on google, can't even remember how I found it now or why I was even looking for it but it just made me realise that yellow goes with burgundy very well and... there are obviously flowers out there that will go with my colour scheme.

And, because I honestly don't hate my bridesmaids as much as they MIGHT think that I do, especially since I sent a couple of them a txt the other day asking if they wouldn't mind wearing light pink, I also realised that adding green in with the yellow and burgundy it looked a lot less like Christmas and more like Spring/Summer which is kinda what May will be. Oh and because I'm not letting them wear yellow shoes (sorry girls) all other additives will be cream, shoes, necklaces, earrings etc, extras in their bouquets... You get it. :D

And to be honest I think all my bridesmaids will look really good in green including Isobel... and if you don't well then you can always do what Cecily said... just dye your hair ;D

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  1. loking at it, yellow is just a brighter version of gold, who'da thunk it?! nature is clever like that, telling you what colours work. i wonder what scheme itll be next week... :p hope ur not too stressed with the planning yet! x