Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Burnt Sienna, Lemon & Dark Citron

Are the colours.
The colours are these.
These are the colours.
The colours these are...wait?

Lol. I've decided and I think they look good and there are a lot of ideas that go with these colours. I love the green colour and the deep rustic orange colour. I have had a colour of um's and ah's and 'that won't look right'. But I think it looks lovely.

Yesterday I got home a little frazzled, the colour scheme was doing my head in so I decided to sit down and stare at my laptop until it came to me. First I went to google and typed in 'spring colour scheme', 'spring colour palette', 'which colours go with burgundy' and I got about 50 pages worth of information, my Firefox was in overload... seriously. I don't know how it didn't crash on me. WHOOP!

My mum gave me a lovely little handy notebook which is starting to get full of stuff so I put 'Colour Scheme Options' at the top of my page with a nice double line underneath, I wrote down all the colours I thought would go together and then went to my trusty polyvore website (honestly everyone, this website is literally saving my life these days). I took all the colour schemes I had come up with and made this beautiful collage of mess :D

Then I started looking at them all and decided with other colours would go well together from the ones I had on the screen and came up with a few brief ones that I liked but eventually came up with this:

I have now got to the point where my brain is so frazzled by everyone's opinions and decisions on the colour scheme that I really don't care if people don't like it, it is what I am having for the wedding. The colours will look beautiful in different flower combinations and they are SPRING! For some reason Adam thought they looked like the Ireland flag... please tell me if you agree but I don't think so :D

Anyway mini Bridezilla rant out now onto the invitations, flowers and wedding cake... next weekend it's all about my dress! I can't wait! :D

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