Saturday, 19 November 2011


We have finally got 'the' dress.
We have travelled far and wide and gone from as far as Newcastle to Radstock near Bath and we have finally found it.
'The One' (No not Neo)

At first wedding dress shopping was a nightmare. For one, they didn't have any dresses in in my size; they were snooty and very unprofesional but apart from all that I think all involved had a good time.

My mum told me the other day that I wasn't allowed to leave the wedding dress shop today without having made a decision on what dress I wanted to wear and where I got it from. So I was deterimed. I had VERY high hopes for this shop because it is owned by a Latter-Day Saint and I wouldn't get the rolling eyes and deep sighs when I told her my wedding was in May 2012, which was nice. I have looked on her website before and she handily sent me a list of all the dresses she had in that were my size and how much they would cost. I was searching through the site and found a beautiful dress that I adored! But when I check the price against the list she sent me I was dishearted, it was nearly... a grand. A GRAND!

So, I went to the shop today with another few dresses in mind and decided to try on all the ones that she had in my size and above. Sunflower Bridal is beautiful, friendly and very relaxed. We were met with a glass of shloer and a cute labrador called Maisie (which didn't come into the dress room).

The second dress I put on looked very similar to the beautiful I'd had my eye on online but the price was WAY different and in our budget. So I tried it on, it fit, it was beautiful and I was told that it was like it was 'made for me'. I felt comfortable, beautiful, safe, elegant and the dress is not like I was expecting at all! We tried on lots of different veils and decided on a 54" which is perfect.

(Not my veil)

Dad bought the dress today and so I could take it home today. It is now safely tucked away in its non-see-through WHITE bag so Adam can't see it and is currently hanging in my bedroom :D FACE IS BEAMING!! All I need are shoes and jewellery.

I've also finished designing the invites, filler pieces in the invites (it's a poem), R.S.V.P's and the Contact details information page. I cannot wait to get them printed and I am hopefully starting on them this weekend coming! My house is just going to be wedding central!


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  2. Actually i think my house becomes brides central :)x