Sunday, 27 November 2011


I have always said that wedding planning would be so easy if only one person was involved and if only 1 person made all the decisions, maybe it's just my need to be in control or know what is going on all the time, but finally we are seeing some progress with the wedding invitations.

We have hopefully finished the layout, colours and size (possibly) so we just need to start ordering the card for the invites and the finishing touches. We're actually going with an idea that my mum believes is very American (as she can't find any shops that sell these types of invites over here). I can't really describe what they look like so I'll just post a few pictures.

I bought a bit of card from WHSmiths the other day to play around with once I've printed the invites and then we shall go from there.

We've mostly decided that the bridesmaids should buy the dresses online because:-

1. They are cheaper
2. They can be custom made directly to size
3. We don't get some snooty nosed woman looking down on us when we tell them the wedding is in May (for some reason this poses a problem to lots of dress places... which doesn't make sense because they NEVER have the dress in the shop until 6 weeks before you get married so technically you could go in 2 months before you got married, and it'd still get there on time).

My mum is trying to convince me to get my sisters in to the green dresses and the other girls into the sienna dresses because of the colour of my sisters hair, but we're going to play around a bit and have a bit of fun and see what colours go where... we have until January anyway so no rush *haha*.

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