Sunday, 13 November 2011

Extra's Day Out

On Saturday I went out with my mum to look for the little extra's for the wedding. Those little things that would add the extra mini pezazz and sparkle to the whole day. We were also looking for fabric and looking for flowers in my colour scheme, I just wanted to make sure the colours existed and that they went together in real life before I put my whole wedding scheme through the turmoil of changing theme again haha.

First we needed a mini break in Costa so we could get our ideas together of where we were going to go and what we were going to look for. We went to the flower stall in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre by the Poundland and looked for my colours and the woman on the stall had some really nice wedding flower arrangements. She had quite a few flowers in the colours that I was looking for inparticular the sienna colour I was looking for (since I haven't seen it used for weddings much).

They're not exactly the right colours, the yellow is too bright but the green and sienna are perfect; yes I know they look fake but these are just an idea of what I want. Then we popped over to the flower stall outside the Kirkgate Centre by Marks & Spencers, the flowers they did there were real but the pollen might get up some peoples noses. The colours were very nice and even the fake flowers looked real but for £85 a bouquet you'd kinda hope they would look real wouldn't you?

These flowers are real but I still liked the colours.

If we can't find the dresses that we need for the wedding mum was saying we should try and make them so we wandered up to the market to look for material that was the colours we wanted and we found some really nice colours but with money being tight until January we can't buy too much at the minute so we decided on buying ribbon in the colours that I want at the wedding and I'm going to be sending it out to all the bridesmaids so they have an idea of what we are looking for. I really like the colours so they're not going anywhere :D

So we got a little bit of this and a little bit of that for the wedding and all things have now been written down in my little notebook. The guest still isn't finished and I'm having to crack a few whips to get my invitations even started but hey we'll get there... Eventually :D

These pins are going in the flowers

Oh, and just under 6 months until the wedding peeps!!! :D WOO!!

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